Let’s call it a day!

Tired, exhausted, content, blessed…many of these feeling come together, when a team of fantastic colleagues and trust of our patients never fail to surprise.
Today, as we close the day after performing 10 complex angioplasties, including CTO , left main bifurcation and Calcified lesions with the help of image guidance using all the modern equipments like HD IVUS 60, OCT, Rota , Intravascular Lithotripsy, Guidezilla ,Volverine cutting balloon ,Corsair ,Finecross and Caravel Catheter, we sip a cup of coffee and celebrate the success of all procedures.

It was truly an inspiring day. My heartfelt thanks for never ending support from the management at Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh and I am once again proud to have the best cardiology team and thankful for immense support from Dr Suhail Doha who joined us from USA and was a part of this memorable day. This was a no regular day and no regular team could have accomplished this.