Complex Case Done 2 Days Back :A 74 yr male patient was admitted at Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh with complaints of shortness of breath and chest pain from last few days .Upon investigation, we found that the patient had triple vessel disease along with LV dysfunction & LVEF 10 % to 15% The patient also had a moderate MR & TR with mean PA pressure of 45.

In such cases, CABG OR Bypass surgery( very high risk due to poor heart function and frail elderly ) or Multi-vessel angioplasty with mechanical circulatory support is effective therapy as an alternative to surgical revascularization in selected patients with triple-vessel coronary artery disease.

We decided to perform Dual Bifurcation Lesion LAD / D1 and Left main bifurcation with the help of mechanical circulatory support Impella device 2.5.This is a widely accepted procedure using Impella®️, the world’s smallest heart pump, to temporarily assist the pumping function of the heart. Impella may enable placement of a stent for patients who are at high risk for complications or have severe heart disease. Impella support also helps maintain hemodynamic stability and provides left ventricular unloading during the procedure, which may allow for more thorough PCI and more complete revascularization in a single session, reducing long-term incidences of major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular events.
Glad to share that this was the first procedure in Northwest Delhi of its kind.