“Life is unexpected, someone told me, but you never understand this until something out of the blue happens. At 25, I, Naman Jain, got a heart attack. After being struck by covid, I didn’t feel myself for a long time. The meaning of life changed in my heart. I felt weak and dizzy for a few days, which I suspected was gastric. So I had medicine for that. But on the morning of 23 September 2021, I felt pain in my chest and left hand. My family took me to the local physician, who performed ECG. The report was so bad that the doctor wouldn’t believe that a 25-year-old boy could have such a problem. To reassure, they perform ECG again. The report was alarming, and I was rushed to the hospital immediately. My family contacted Dr Naveen Bhambri and his team, who performed angiography immediately. It took half an hour to complete the procedure and 3 days in hospital intensive care.​ But thanks to Dr Naveen Bhambri and his team, who cared for me and gave me positivity. And he also helped me to accept a heart attack at this young age and deal with it. They are like my saviour, and I am thankful to them. Now I am living a happy and healthy life.”

Courtesy: Facebook